New for 2017: Business Disability Forum’s disability guides for managers, sponsored by EY

25 July 2017

Business Disability Forum is pleased to announce the launch of its new Line manager guide series for 2017.

Making adjustments line manager guideSponsored by EY, the latest version of Business Disability Forum’s Line manager guide series has been updated and expanded to reflect new developments around best practice, legislation and legal case studies.

The guides, which have been used by businesses across the UK and beyond for over 25 years, have been streamlined into five sections for ease of use and cover the following:

- Making adjustments: all aspects of accommodating disabled employees at work in a way that works for everyone
- Mental health at work: approaching the topic in the right way, with confidence, based on leading practice in top companies
- Non-visible disabilities: how to work with employees who may or may not have shared information about their condition to ensure a productive working relationship
- Attendance management: how to approach disability-related absence sensitively and change ways of working if necessary
 - Performance management: managing employees when disabilities or health conditions are factors and approaching the topic of performance in the right way

Mental health line manager guide

Business Disability Forum’s team of consultants also based the new guides on their research and 

experiences of current developments in assistive technology, approaches to mental health and neurodiversity, and practice at top performing organisations.

Guides also set out updated instructions on how to use the government’s Access to Work scheme, which provides practical support for disabled people in starting, returning to, or staying in work.

All guides are written in Plain English and are designed to explore the topic of disabilities without technical terms or jargon.

How your organisation can use our new Line manager guides

All of our guidance can be purchased in hard copy or licensed for your company intranet.

We can also customise our guidance to your corporate branding.

For enquirers or to place an order please contact our relationship management team by emailing or calling 020 7403 3020.

To view the full suite of resources available for your organisation, visit our Publications page.