Key facts from 'Disability smart approaches to engaging suppliers and partners'

24 February 2017

Leading up to our conference, we have highlighted some key statistics from our November 2016 research report ‘Key aids and barriers to effectively engaging suppliers and partners’.

The report highlights some common denominators within our Member and Partner organisations and how these can affect disability-smart outcomes within supplier and partner relationships:

BDF is also delighted to announce that we will be launching our new guidance, 'Step by step: Achieving disability-smart outcomes in work with suppliers and partners'. This new guide will give practical tips and advice to support each stage of any procurement process to achieve more for your people and your customers with disabilities and health conditions.

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suppliers and partners. Key facts from Disability-smart approaches to engaging suppliers and partners.
Fifty billion pounds  is spent in the UK every year on contracting work to external suppliers. sixty percent of these organisations are responsible for providing our daily goods and services. In more than 9 in 10 cases, third party suppliers are engaged in at least some or all of facilities management. In more than 8 in 10 cases, third party suppliers are engaged in at least some of all of recruitment, training and development and occupational health.
Thirty one point three percent of organisations don't have individuals championing disability-smart outcomes with suppliers and partners. thirty seven point five percent of organisations believe their staff don't have the know-how to manage supplier and partner relationships to secure disability-smart outcomes. Fifty six point three percent of organisations don't include disability-smart outcomes when reviewing suppliers and partners.
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