Global campaign shows how #valuable a disability agenda is for businesses

21 August 2017

A global campaign launched today (21 August) to activate the business community to tackle disability exclusion around the world. The campaign, #valuable, calls on businesses to recognise the value of the one billion people living with a disability. 


#valuable will:

-     Encourage 500 businesses around the world to commit to putting the one billion people living with a disability on their boardroom agenda

-     Identify 10 game-changing business leaders to stand for the one billion and champion the issue of disability in business around the world

-     Bring together 10 inspirational young #valuable ambassadors to call on the businesses they work for and the brands they buy from to put this issue on their board agenda

-     Ignite a global conversation about a world where everyone is valued equally

The current employment rate for people with disabilities is half that of people without disabilities, a gap that has widened since 2010.According to the World Health Organisation, up to half of businesses in OECD countries may choose to pay fines rather than meet quotas on disability. 

Yet, combined with their friends, families and communities, the one billion disabled hold a disposable annual income of $8 trillion a year – an opportunity that business cannot afford to ignore.

#valuable has been launched to tackle these inequalities and exclusion in business. Spearheading the campaign is award-winning activist, social entrepreneur and Binc founder Caroline Casey, who is registered blind.

The #valuable campaign is designed to build on, learn from and spotlight the work of the many businesses and initiatives around the world advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities.

In the UK, it’s predicted that only a 10% increase in the disability employment rate, which would support 1.1m more disabled people in work, would increase GDP by £45 billion by 2030 and the Exchequer would gain £12 billion through higher tax receipts and lower social security payments.

Business has proven its social muscle time and time again, making huge progress advancing gender, race and LGBTQ+ equality over the last 50 years. #valuable believes that now is the time for business to take disability seriously.

Diane Lightfoot, Chief Executive Officer at Business Disability Forum, said: “Treating disabled people fairly means treating everyone fairly. It means building businesses and societies that are open and inclusive. This more than just the right thing to do - it makes very sound sense for organisations, leaders and economies. The voices, talents, and power of one billion disabled people can no longer be ignored by businesses or governments, and nor can the huge benefits that come from working in an inclusive way.”

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