Free Disability Confident accreditations for Business Disability Forum Members and Partners

25 January 2018

Disability Confident scheme logo

The Government’s Disability Confident Scheme is designed to help employers recruit and retain people with disabilities and long-term conditions. There are three levels of accreditation: Level 1 (Disability Confident Committed)Level 2 (Disability Confident Employer), and Level 3 (Disability Confident Leader). Employers can undertake the first two levels on their own but, for the third level, employers need to seek external validation on their Level 2 self-assessment. Business Disability Forum can help you with this.

  1. Our Advice Service offer a free Disability Confident Level 3 (DCL3) validation to Business Disability Forum Members and Partners. We are keen for the Level 3 validation process to be as helpful as possible to organisations in planning their disability-related work. Therefore, a DCL3 validation by Business Disability Forum consists of the following:
  • Validator commentary – which includes recommendations for moving forward and best practice comparisons with other organisations; and
  • An hour’s phone call – where a Business Disability Adviser will present the validation and for the organisation to ask questions to help them move forward.

For a list of organisations who have achieved Level 2 (Employer) and Level 3 (Leader), please see here.

Did you automatically become Level 2 (Employer) accredited because you were a ‘Positive About Disabled People’ employer? 

For employers who were already signed up to the ‘Two Ticks: Positive About Disabled People’ scheme prior to the implementation of the Disability Confident scheme, you may have ‘automatically’ been awarded Level 2 (Employer) by the Disability Confident team. For employers who did this, you would have been given a specific timeframe in which to renew this accreditation. The time period given to the majority employers in this situation would mean an expiration date of around November/December 2017.

Therefore, if you were one of the employers who ‘automatically’ migrated from the ‘Two Tick’ scheme to Disability Confident Level 2 in this way, do check with the Disability Confident team whether your accreditation has now expired, as you may have to reapply for your Level 2 award.

If you would like more information about the Disability Confident scheme or to discuss having a validation with Business Disability Forum, please contact the Advice Service team on or 020 7403 3020.