Infographic: Disabled customers in the United Kingdom

03 December 2014

This Wednesday 3 December is UN International Day of People with Disabilities, and to coincide with the day, we've created two infographics highlighting the needs of disabled customers. 

The infographic below provides some interesting insight into the profile of disabled customers in the United Kingdom. Businesses in the UK must begin to place greater importance upon making products and services accessible to everyone, including disabled people, who have a combined spending power of around £80 billion.

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Title of infographic: Disabled customers in the United Kingdom.
There are eleven point six million disabled people in the UK. That's 1 in 5 people.
These eleven point six millon people have a combined spending power of around eighty billion pounds. Eighty-three percent of disabled people will not purchase from inaccessible and unwelcoming businesses.
Fifty-eight percent of disabled people say that the way in which businesses treat them affects the shopping habits of their friends and family.
Title: Reasons for switching to a more accessible competitor.
Reason 1: Inaccessible premises. Reason 2: Inaccessible websites. Reason 3: Poor service. Reason 4: Inaccessible phone systems. Reason 5: Inaccessible printed information.
Title: Who are they? Age and gender of disabled people in the UK - Number of disabled people by age.
Children: zero point eight million. Working age adults: five point seven million. State Pension age adults: five point one million.
Fifty-four percent of disabled people are female. Forty-six percent of disabled people are male.
Title: Types of disability by total percentage of population.
Mobility impairment: ten point one percent. Visual impairment: three point one percent. Hearing impairment: fifteen point six percent.
Mental health issue: twenty-five percent (percentage of population who experience a mental health in any one year) Dyslexia: ten percent. Autism Spectrum Disorder: one percent.
Title: Where are they? Number of disabled people in regions across the UK.
Scotland: 1 million. Northern Ireland: three hundred thousand. North West: one point five million. West Midlands: one point one million. Wales: six hundred thousand. South West: 1 million. North East: six hundred thousand. Yorks and Humberside: one point one million. East Midlands: nine hundred thousand. Eastern: one point one million. London: one point two million. South East: one point five million.
Produced December 2014 by Business Disability Forum. Follow us on Twitter: @disabilitysmart.




Produced December 2014

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