Business Disability Forum becomes an expert partner of #valuable

07 January 2019

Providing support to the #valuable500

Business Disability Forum is delighted to be an expert partner of #valuable alongside the ILO GBDN, The Marketing Society, EY and Ruh Global.

An economic power that cannot be ignored

Today, over 1 billion people across the world live with some form of disability that is 15% of the global population. Yet, their value is routinely ignored by business, equivalent to disregarding a potential market the size of US, Brazil, Indonesia and Pakistan combined.

80% of disabilities are acquired later in life and an ageing global population also means that the prevalence of disability is on the rise.

The current global employment rate for disabled people is half that of non-disabled people, a gap that has widened since 2010. According to the World Health Organisation, up to half of businesses in OECD countries choose to pay fines rather than meet quotas on disability. 

Dr Caroline Casey

Yet, combined with their friends, families and communities, the one billion disabled people globally hold a disposable annual income of $8 trillion a year, an opportunity that business cannot afford to ignore. That’s £249 billion a year in the UK alone.

#valuable, The Accessibility Revolution

#valuable is a worldwide call to action for business to recognise the value and worth of the one billion disabled people globally. #valuable is working to engage the world’s most influential businesses leaders, brands and platforms to make a global call to action.

Launched in 2017, #valuable is a catalyst for an inclusion revolution that exists to position disability equally on the global business leadership agenda. It is spearheaded by award-winning activist, social entrepreneur and Binc founder Caroline Casey, who is registered blind. 

#valuable has already gathered the support from many global organisations and leaders: Paul Polman (former CEO of Business Disability Forum Member Unilever) and Omnicom Janet Riccio have already committed to be accountable for disability within their businesses and across their full supply chain.

Business Disability Forum Member Virgin Media and Omnicom have become strategic partners of #valuable. Virgin Media will encourage UK business leaders to join its campaign to create workplaces where disabled people can thrive.  Whilst Omnicom will take the lead in spreading the message of disability inclusion in business and igniting a global conversation about a world where everyone is valued equally.

What’s next?

#valuable has joined forces with the World Economic Forum and as a result, disability inclusion will form part of its Davos Annual Meeting agenda for the first-time in January 2019. 

As part of its focus on bolstering inclusion for the one billion people in the world living with a disability, the World Economic Forum will announce its official support of #valuable.

Business Disability Forum, a #valuable expert partner

At Business Disability Forum, we have spent the last 30 years’ working with multinational businesses on their disability-smart journey. We are therefore thrilled to help #valuable500 companies tackle disability exclusion around the world.

Business Disability Forum is a #valuable expert partner alongside organisations like the ILO GBDN and Ruh Global with whom we have existing links, with our Business Disability Forum Partner EY and The Marketing Society.

We are working with #valuable to create a toolkit for organisations and their leaders to kick start their journey and transform their commitment into actions.    

More information about the wider services offered by Business Disability Forum can be found on ‘Our services’ webpage.

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