BDF adds new resource to the Mental Health Toolkit for Blue Monday

20 January 2020

This Blue Monday (20 January) we’re marking the day by adding a new resource to our Mental Health Toolkit, exclusive to Members and Partners.

Mental Health Toolkit

It’s entitled ‘Why having friends at work matters’, and it’s a practical resource with advice and suggestions for creating a sociable workplace environment. You might be surprised how much encouraging colleagues to socialise can improve everyone’s mental health. Did you know that employees who have a friend at work report 50% higher rates of job satisfaction?

Blue Monday is a fictitious event, based on the inaccurate idea that the third Monday in every January is the lowest point for our collective mental wellbeing. It began life in 2005 as a PR firm’s brainchild, designed to sell holidays and accompanied by a highly suspect formula.

Despite its pseudoscientific origins, Blue Monday is an enduringly popular concept. Every January sees companies offer Blue Monday promotions, and news articles with tips on ‘Beating the January Blues’ or ‘Making the most of Blue Monday’.

Even though it’s nonsense, Blue Monday has undeniably created space for conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, we’re using this day to release a new resource to our Mental Health Toolkit. If you’re interested in cultivating a happier, more satisfied workplace, this resource has straightforward tips on how you could achieve it.

You can access the resource by logging onto the Member Hub if you’re a Member or Partner or contact your relationship manager for more information. If you’re not a Member or Partner but you’re interested in accessing this resource, you could inquire about becoming a Member.

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