A b(older) new world

19 December 2018

According to acas, it is estimated by 2020 that people aged 50 and over will comprise almost a third of the working age population, meaning an increase in the proportion of older workers in the UK.

Angela Matthews

Angela Matthews, Head of Policy and Research at Business Disability Forum (pictured above) will be addressing the challenges and opportunities an ageing workforce brings at  Health and Wellbeing at Work in March 2019 at Birmingham NEC.

Health and Wellbeing at Work is a UK conference and exhibition aiming to improve the health, wellbeing and performance of work-aged people. Angela’s session ‘Old(er) but not forgotten: Being a good employer in a multigenerational good work era’ will cover topics such as:

  • When do we become an ‘older’ worker?
  • Which conditions do we acquire when we get older?
  • Lifestyle upgrades: taking medication
  • Caring for others and ageing bodies
  • Work-life rebalance – from flexible working lives to upskilling and retraining in an era of digitisation and automation and
  • How ‘good’ employers are adapting inclusive practices to provide ‘good work’ for older employees.

Angela will be providing insight into how good work, multigenerational experience and inclusive practices interact from a policy perspective; she will also be addressing the potential range of challenges for older workers and employers and what employers should consider/review in their own organisations to enhance the good work experience of an increasingly multigenerational workforce.

The Health and Wellbeing at Work conference aims to provide its audience with new ideas and resources to ensure employees are engaged and motivated, healthy, return to work quickly following absence and stay in work.

Those in attendance will include those in occupational health, HR & management, employee wellbeing and engagement, healthcare and rehabilitation professionals, occupational psychology, behaviour and mental wellbeing and health, safety and human factors professionals.

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