Disability awareness dates

We list disability and health awareness days to help our Members to plan information and events for employees and customers. While we make every effort to verify these dates we strongly recommend that you check all sources before publishing details.

We also welcome suggestions for other awareness days, please contact us if you have any suggestions.  




3 to 9 July

Sarcoma Cancer Awareness Week 

16 July

Disability Awareness Day

24 July

Samaritans Awareness Day

28 July

World Hepatitis Day



Vascular Disease Awareness Month

10 September

World Suicide Prevention Day

29 September 

World Heart Day



Breast Cancer Aawareness Month

2 to 8 October

Dyslexia Awareness Week

5 October

World Cerebral Palsy Day

10 October

World Mental Health Awareness Day

11 October

World Arthritis Day

12 October

World Sight Day

16 October

ADHD Awareness Week

22 October 

International Stammering Awareness day 



Movember - Men's Health Awareness Month 

1 November 

National Stress Awareness Day

14 November 

World Diabetes Day



1 December 

Worlds AIDS Day

3 December

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 


January 2018

4 January 

World Braille Day 

15 January 

Blue Monday

28 January

World Leprosy Day


4 February

World Cancer Day

11 February

World Day of the sick

Autism Sunday

12 February

World Epilepsy Day

27 February

Anosmia Awareness Day 


1 March 

Self-injury awareness day

World Wheelchair Day

21 March

World Down Syndrome Day

26 March

World Autism Awareness Week


Loss of Limb Awareness Month

2 April

World Autism Awareness Day 

7 April

World Health Day

16 April 

World Stress Awareness Day

24 April 

World Meningitis Day


2 to 8 May

Deaf Awareness Week

12 May

International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases(CIND)

16 May

Mental Health Week

28 May

International Day of Women's Health