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This section introduces the toolkit, and includes general information about the importance of inclusive communication to your business.

  • Foreword by Skipton Building Society (PDF)
  • Introduction to the Inclusive Communication Toolkit by Diane Lightfoot (video)
  • Why inclusive communication is important to me by Tracey Lenthall (audio)
  • Infographics about inclusive communication (images)
  • Inclusive communication and the law: Employees (PDF)
  • Inclusive communication and the law: Customers (PDF)
  • Blog: Why does inclusive communication matter to your brand? (PDF)

This section gives you more practical guidance and examples of what inclusive communication looks like.

  • Making information inclusive and accessible: Top tips (PDF)
  • Inclusive language: The dos and don’ts (PDF)
  • Using plain English and writing in an accessible way (PDF)
  • Design features and accessibility (PDF)
  • Alternative formats (PDF)
  • Using images (PDF)
  • Making accessible infographics (PDF)
  • Video and audio content (PDF)
  • Understanding diverse communication needs (PDF)
  • Creating accessible Word documents (PDF)
  • Creating accessible PDFs (PDF)
  • Accessible emails (PDF)
  • Accessible social media posts (PDF)
  • Hosting inclusive meetings: Communication checklists (PDF)
  • Creating accessible PowerPoints (PDF)
  • Accessible leaflets and brochures (PDF)

This section is aimed at those working in communication roles, providing advice and guidance for those working hands on with your organisation’s communications.

  • Developing an inclusive communications policy (PDF)
  • Reviewing your brand guidelines (PDF)
  • Reviewing your communications (PDF)

This section is intended to help organisations communicate better their ‘small print’ such as contracts, agreements and Ts&Cs.

  • Making terms and conditions accessible (PDF)
  • Blog: Who reads the small print? (PDF)
  • Examples and useful resources (webpage)

This section highlights examples of what some of our Members and Partners are doing.

  • Case study: Atos and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (PDF)
  • Blog: Microsoft and sustainable accessibility (PDF)
  • Example: Easy read document by Dimensions (1 of 2) (PDF)
  • Example: Easy read document by Dimensions (2 of 2) (PDF)
  • Example: Easy read template by Dimensions (Word)
  • Shopping with a disability: Kerry’s and Fazilet’s experience (video)
  • Case study: Lambeth Council on Communicating with disabled clients (PDF)
  • Case study: Norton Rose Fulbright on making meetings accessible (PDF)
  • Podcast: Business Disability Forum Global Edition – 50 million voices with Iain Wilkie (audio)
  • Case study: Skipton Building Society and creating accessible emails (PDF and htm file)
  • Case study: Skipton Building Society on colour contrast (video)
  • Webinar: Covid-19 and working from home (video)

This section contains examples of industry standards for inclusive communication.

  • Guidance and standards (PDF)

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