Disability-Smart Multinational Organisation Award – 2019

A selection of people pose for an award

Winners – Shell

What we were looking for

Multinationals with high and consistent standards for disability diversity and inclusion across their global operations. Disability inclusion as a business priority globally, and tangible mechanisms for implementing policies throughout the organisation.

What did they do?

‘I’m Not OK’ is a programme Shell runs that seeks to make every employee feel comfortable to tell someone that they’re struggling with their mental health. It’s available through an online portal that has information, advice and support. As well as supporting those with mental ill health, it also encourages employees to become supporters. Through this programme, Shell provides support for employees, and fights the stigma associated with mental ill health.

This forms part of a much larger system of disability inclusion, supported by four pillars:

  • Raising awareness – Shell holds regular events for disabled employees and uses the intranet to promote their stories and the work of Shell’s disability network.
  • Attraction and reporting – Shell actively seeks to attract disabled candidates, through a sophisticated programme of training, including on areas such as making adjustments for disabled candidates and marketing accessibly.
  • Accessibility – Shell’s Workplace Accessibility Service is available to all employees around the world, and lets people who need support, advice or to request an adjustment quick and easy self-service access.
  • Inclusion – disabled employees are made to feel included at Shell through the promotion of visible role models with annual Disability Champion awards. They also promote Be Yourself videos, where disabled employees talk about their experience of working at Shell.

Why did they win?

An impressive range of work across all their operations. We wanted to single out the ‘I’m Not OK’ programme for its specific work to change the culture around mental health. It’s a recent programme but it’s already deeply embedded, and efforts to encourage employees to use the programme have been successful.

We also wanted to recognise Shell’s broader work towards disability inclusion. Diversity and inclusion policies and practices are impressively consistent and sophisticated across all their work. All employees globally have a range of services and resources at their disposal, and there are clear efforts to cultivate an atmosphere of support and positivity for all disabled employees.


Anglo American – for their considerable efforts to involve disabled employees in decision making and improve organisational cultures around inclusion.

Proctor & Gamble – for a range of measures to increase diversity and inclusion, including creating a global employee resource group for disabled employees, partnering with the world’s largest university for Deaf people.

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