Disability-Smart Customer Service Award 2019 (new)

two people stand at a podium getting an award

Winner – Edinburgh Printmakers

What we were looking for

Organisations providing exceptional customer service to everyone, including customers with disabilities. They needed to demonstrate that they had trained customer facing staff, made anticipatory adjustments and were able to make any other adjustments quickly and efficiently. But more than that they needed to show that they had gone that extra mile in providing exceptional customer service.

What did they do?

Created a fully accessible, open access arts venue, with staff trained to meet the needs of anyone who might come through the door. They moved out of a listed building so they could make the space as accessible as possible, and they created the new space in consultation with artists with a range of disabilities.

Two people stand in a shop having a conversation

Edinburgh Printmakers have put in place measures to let visitors request adjustments before they arrive. With an app called ‘Welcome’ by Neatebox, customers can tell Edinburgh Printmakers staff if they need adjustments well in advance of their visit. The venue is always well staffed, and staff ensure the needs of visitors will be met, whether or not adjustments were requested in advance. In the words of CEO Shân Edwards: “Making our beautiful building accessible extends way beyond the physical space, and we are determined to create that accessibility in all we do.”

Learn more about Neatebox here:

Why did they win?

Edinburgh Printmakers pulled out all the stops to be as welcoming as possible for all customers. They recognise that arts venues can be intimidating for any visitor, and they’ve removed as many obstacles as they can to people of all abilities visiting. The space they’ve created is designed to allow as many people as possible to  visit without needing any adjustments. They’ve also made it as simple as possible for visitors to request any adjustments they do need.


British Airways – for their Beyond Accessibility campaign, focusing on representation of disabled customers.

Conwy County Council – for Interpreterslive!, a programme providing an interpreting service to residents within 30 minutes any day of the year, from 8am to midnight.

Royal Collection Trust – for their well-trained front of house teams at Buckingham Palace, who are prepared to greet and assist disabled visitors.

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