Katherine Beavis

Executive Team Assistant

Katherine joined Business Disability Forum (BDF) in February 2007 as the Assistant to the CEO’s Office, supporting the Executive Assistant to the CEO, more recently Katherine has continued with these responsibilities supporting the Executive Assistant to the Executive Team in addition to running BDF’s reception and office facilities, Katherine has often helped out at BDF’s events as one of the public faces of the organisation.

Katherine takes an active role in BDF’s Accessibility Working Group and H&S Committee where she is the lead on mental health.

Prior to joining BDF, Katherine volunteered for 13 years at Hestia Housing and Support where she was chairperson of the Tenants’/Residents’ Forum. supporting clients with: Mental Health difficulties; the provision of women’s refuges for those with physical disabilities; and those with HIV and AIDS. During this time she gained invaluable knowledge around accessibility within the housing sector.

Katherine has congenital right-sided Semi-Hemiplegia with Partial seizures. She is passionate about social inclusion and has a keen interest in supporting people living with brain injuries.

Katherine enjoys listening to music, sport, history and being with her family and her two cats Ying and Yang.