Delphine Leveneur

Senior Disability Consultant

Delphine joined Business Disability Forum in 2017 as a Senior Disability Consultant in the Specialist Solutions Team.

Delphine started her career in the Disability sector in 2006, when she took on a student job as an exam support worker for disabled students at her University in Paris (France). She was subsequently offered a permanent role as a disability adviser at the same university where she worked until 2012.

Whilst working, Delphine completed both her BSc Biology (2009) and her MSc Technology and Disability (2011). She wrote her dissertation on “Looking for new ways to support people with Specific Learning Difficulties at University and towards employment” and created a learning game layout to raise children’s awareness about disability.

After six years as a disability adviser in France, Delphine became a Needs Assessor for the Disabled Students Allowances and then again a Disability Adviser in the UK. Her professional experience allowed her to develop an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of disabled people and students in particular.

Outside of work, Delphine spends her time between practicing her Korean language skills, sewing clothes and planning her next trip abroad.