Bela Gor

Head of Content, Legal & Campaigns

Bela Gor

Bela is the Head of Campaigns & Legal at Business Disability Forum (BDF). She has over 20 years’ of all aspects of disability discrimination law and best practice including

  • Providing high-level consultancy support to business and government agencies leading reviews and improvement processes for organisations including banks and government agencies.
  • Writing best practice guidance including the Line Manager Guide series
  • Writing guidance for external organisations including the Association of Convenience Stores and Parkinson’s UK
  • Writing and producing e-learning on disability and mental health
  • Providing regular analyses and updates on discrimination law
  • Delivering training on all aspects of disability, mental health and the law                    

Bela has worked closely with the financial, retail, broadcast media and health sectors and advises on a variety of subjects ranging from the law and reasonable adjustments in both employment and customer contexts to consumers in vulnerable situations and accessible technology and mental health.  She is a lawyer who took some of the earliest cases under the then new Disability Discrimination Act 1995 while working for the Disability Law Service, a nationwide law centre for disabled people, and has since influenced the development of the legislation. 

Bela is speaking exclusively at our 2019 Annual conference: Disability leading the way.