Iain Wilkie

PathMaker Consulting, Sherwood psf Consulting & 50 Million Voices

Iain faces the camera smiling. He has a shirt and suit jacket on.

Iain is an executive coach with a focus on Quiet Leadership. He is the founder of PathMaker Consulting and a member of Sherwood psf Consulting. 

He spent 21 years as a partner in EY, including as a member of the UK & Ireland Leadership Team and the Senior Sponsor for the firm’s Ability EY Network for disability and health.

Iain founded 50 Million Voices, with leaders from 15 countries and 5 Continents collaborating to transform the workplace for the 50 Million people globally of employable age who stutter. In 2014, Business Disability Forum awarded Iain their first Executive Champion award for his pioneering work with stuttering in the workplace.

 More broadly, Iain is a leader of cultural change for disability and health in the workplace, including as a member of the UK Government Work & Health Engagement Forum