Paul A Mouzer

Owner / Director of Blue Mouse Disability

As a premier national Disability Expert and Consultant, Paul Mouzer has formidable knowledge, expertise, pragmatism and wisdom around disability and equality.

He has 30 years disability experience and expertise as an energetic and passionate person who prides himself on being an excellent performer and communicator, influencing and delivering to a very high standard.

Born deaf, and then later acquiring visual impairment, Paul is able to offer disability expertise and wisdom from both the business and public sector perspective, allied to the wide experience he has accumulated delivering consultancy services to the public, private and voluntary sectors.

He is pragmatic and balanced when delivering quality consultancy, allied to adopting a business-minded and commonsense approach, resulting in positive actions and solutions that are sustainable and yield real returns.

Paul has achieved a reputation for reducing the complex to simple, he makes people connect and engage with disability and equality thus empowering them to play their part, no matter how small, towards making society a place where disabled people can be valued and have equality of access, services and opportunity.

He has built up a formidable track-record of delivering consultancy and performance to customers within the public and private sectors large or small, enabling organisations and businesses to develop and put in to place disability and equality strategies thus improving their employment and service provision processes, including delivery and performance.

Paul was honoured to be invited to become one of only 15 Associates for the world renowned Business Disability Forum (formerly the Employers Forum on Disability) in November 2001.

Paul’s breadth of experience and specialist expertise in inspecting and assessing the interface of disability across the organisational functionality of people, buildings, services, information & communication, provides his clients with a snapshot and current status of disability-specific performance and legal compliance. His pragmatic evaluation of what works well and what could work better enables organisations to have in place buildings and services that are fit for purpose in meeting the requirements of disabled staff and disabled customers. 

His expertise is in ensuring reasonable adjustments are in place in the workplace for disabled staff in terms of their performance and progression, therefore maximising their productive contribution to the organisation, and at the same time, minimising any litigation for potential discrimination - a happy member of staff will always provide loyalty and performance.

Another area of expertise is identifying and then remedying obstacles and barriers within buildings and services that works against disabled people - Paul can maximise the positive user experience - a happy customer will be a loyal one prepared to spend their money with you.

As a Public Speaker, Paul’s witty and challenging talks and presentations enables him to bond with his audience and leaves them wanting more - he simplifies disability, quite simply he gives you confidence and inspiration.

The dynamic and pragmatic way in which Paul delivers allows him to thread disability content and messages seamlessly through day to day business or public organisational delivery activity.