Kerry Smith

Director of Kerry J Smith Disability Training and Consultancy

Kerry Smith specialises in training around Dyslexia and Mental Health issues. She uses her personal experience of disability within the training room to engage even the toughest of audiences.

Kerry started out her career in retail and soon realised the importance of good customer service, even though the customer wasn't always right. Kerry then moved into the Civil Service where she held various roles for 13 years. It was here that Kerry began training on a number of topics including benefit legislation, leadership and personal effectiveness.

Kerry spent 8 years at Business Disability Forum, working with hundreds of businesses. Kerry initially set up the Advice Service where she provided in depth advice and guidance to businesses on all areas of disability. She then moved into training and has provided training to a broad range of organisations, including the Metropolitan Police, Morgan Stanley, Cisco, Accenture, Capita, Civil Aviation Authority, GCHQ, Ministry of Defence, Royal Collections and American Express.

Kerry is now Director of Kerry J Smith Disability Training and Consultancy, where her goal is to make disability training enjoyable, interesting and to show everyone how easy it can be to do things differently.