Joanna Wootten


Joanna Wootten is an Associate of Business Disability Forum. She is a consultant who specialises in working with organisations around employing and serving older and disabled people, and identifying how one can embed change within organisations, when everyone has very busy diaries and full in-trays. She can be contacted on or you can find more information on or Linked-in.

Joanna worked for Business Disability Forum for 5 years (2008-2013), and had the following job titles: Director of Information and Advice, Director of Member Services and Head of Membership so has a strong background in understanding disability as a business issue. She was responsible for ensuring effective relationship management of Partners (formerly Gold Members), managing the advice service and developing and delivering the current incarnation of the Disability Standard – an on-line assessment tool for organisations so they can identify how disability-smart they are.

Prior to joining Business Disability Forum, she was deputy CEO for SignHealth. She originally qualified as a solicitor before taking up an alternative career path. She was born deaf. She is Vice-Chair of Stagetext.