Geoff Adams-Spink

Director, Adams-Spink Ltd.

Until April 2011, Geoff was the BBC's Age & Disability Correspondent, covering issues of relevance to older and disabled people for radio, television and the BBC News website. 

Geoff now runs his own company which is very active in the arena of disability and technology. Adams-Spink Ltd has a clear message - that technology should be adapted to people's needs and not the other way around.

As well as working for almost 22 years as a journalist, Geoff gained considerable experience as a trainer both in the UK and overseas. He has led media training and development projects in Rwanda and delivered training in Thailand and China.

Geoff is also an experienced public speaker and conference chair.

Geoff currently chairs a pan-European federation of organisations for people affected by congenital limb difference. The European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre (EDRIC) has 24 member organisations in 17 countries and represents around 5,000 people with the variety of rare conditions that are collectively known as 'dysmelia'.

Geoff is also a trustee of Disability Rights UK.