BDF offered us invaluable guidance on how to become a genuinely “unconsciously inclusive”
Daniel Pruce, Deputy Head of Mission at the UK Embassy in Spain and Senior Sponsor of the Foreign Commonwealth Office disabled employee network, Enable.

BDFs disability consultants have considerable experience in supporting organisations across all sectors to become disability-smart, both in the UK and internationally. Our approach is to work in partnership with you to deliver sustainable and systemic improvement.

Our consultancy work is uniquely tailored to your organisation’s needs and ambitions.  We will work with you to understand your issues and to scope the assignment.  Using our skills and expertise we will advise you on a methodology that will deliver a sound evidence base (if needed), clearly analyse and diagnose areas for improvement, and provide a strategic action plan.  We routinely work with senior leaders from across organisations and can help embed disability across all functional areas. 

In addition, we offer several consultancy products based on the ten functional areas of BDF’s Disability Standard.  These have been designed and proven to help businesses embed disability best practice as part of a whole systems strategic approach.

Case studies

  1. BDF was commissioned by the UK Embassy in Madrid to conduct a Whole Systems Disability Review of the Embassy and its network of Consulates in Spain. The key purpose of BDF’s work was to help the UK Embassy better understand how disability impacts on each area of the organisation, to identify where improvements can be made and to inform the content of a Disability Action Plan. Read the full case study of our work with the British Embassy in Madrid here (PDF) 
  2. Read a case study about our work to help Kingston University to prepare for changes arising from Disabled Students Allowance and Access to Work (PDF).
  3. Read about our current disability-confident project with the London borough of Camden
  4. BDF was commissioned by Scope to conduct a 'whole-systems' review of its disability performance using our Disability Standard management tool. The review was prompted by Scope’s own Exemplar employer of disabled people project, which aims to improve their performance as an employer of disabled people. The whole-systems review is part of BDF's comprehensive consultancy offering and is designed to deliver systemic improvement across all areas of an organisation. Read the Scope case study here (PDF).
  5. BDF and Research Institute for Consumer Affairs (RICA) our specialist consumer research partner, were commissioned by O2 to review the services they offer for disabled customers. Read the O2 case study here (PDF).
  6. Tideway is the organisation delivering the Thames Tideway Tunnel. Tideway’s ‘Ability Action Group’ commissioned BDF to review how disability impacts on each area of the organisation, to identify where improvements can be made and to inform the content of a disability action plan.  Read the Tideway case study here.

If you would like to discuss our consultancy offering further, please contact Helen Macfarlane, Principal Consultant at BDF via email on or call 020 7403 3020.