The power of difference - Fujitsu celebrate their Diversity and Inclusion Week 2016

23 February 2016

This week, Fujitsu will be celebrating its Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Week 2016. As a disability-smart organisation,this event is an opportunity for the whole organisation to come together and celebrate the way in which diversity strengthens its workforce, allows employees to be completely themselves at work and actively improves the organisation’s service offering for its customers.

Each of Fujitsu’s inclusion networks will be contributing towards the event - Shine, Fujitsu’s LGBT+ employee network, the Cultural Diversity network, the Gender Network and SEED (Support and Engage Employees with a Disability).

Speaking about the event and the ways in which the SEED Network will be celebrating, Sarah Simcoe, Head of Business Enablement, Business & Application Services and Chair of SEED said:

“D&I Week is an opportunity to celebrate the power of difference within Fujitsu and inclusive practice is critical to our continued growth and success.  An environment of trust, respect and inclusion stimulates innovation, increases retention and attracts talent to an organisation.  A successful business understands the importance of its people.

“We have planned an ambitious and enjoyable programme around the theme of #BeCompletelyYou.  All of these activities are designed to enhance the capacity of our employees to achieve their full potential and deliver what matters to our customers. You can learn more about our Diversity and Inclusion plans for the coming by reading the #BeCompletelyYou Blog.”

Throughout D&I Week, Fujitsu’s inclusion networks volunteers will be reaching out to fellow Fujitsu employees at sites across the UK & Ireland. At these stalls, employees will have the opportunity to:

  • Share their thoughts on what it means to #BeCompletelyYou at work.
  • Take a picture for Fujitsu’s ‘Power of Difference’ photo-wall.
  • Get involved in the inclusion networks.
  • Find out more about Fujitsu’s approach to D&I and the support available to employees such as the workplace adjustments process.
  • Hear the personal stories of members of SEED and other inclusion networks.

In order to reach out even further, Fujitsu have created a variety of digital resources and activities, including:

  • Online conversations.
  • Online quizzes.
  • A SEED #BeCompletelyYou short film.
  • Information about workplace adjustments and the Disability & Adjustment Passport.
  • Information about the Disability Confident campaign.
  • Messages about SEED’s recent events and achievements.

The event will also act as a platform for SEED and its members to celebrate the network’s achievements over the past year. As Sarah Simcoe says:

“D&I Week will allow us the perfect opportunity to recognise the outstanding contribution made by members of our inclusion networks, and that includes three members of SEED who have been identified as real influencers in improving disability confidence at Fujitsu. Furthermore, we are delighted that Claire Harvey, Paralympic athlete, will join us at our Celebration Event on 23rd February, and share her reflections on the theme, #BeCompletelyYou.”

Following on from its successful pilot in 2015, this event represents Fujitsu’s second D&I Week. Speaking about the origins of the event, Sarah Kaiser, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at Fujitsu said:

D&I Week was created by our inclusion networks last year to help raise awareness of Fujitsu’s D&I activities. It was a great success, getting people talking and leading to an increase in members of our inclusion networks, so we decided to make it an annual festival. A fantastic team of volunteers drawn from all the inclusion networks came forward to plan and organise all of the events.”

The theme of #BeCompletelyYou is designed to inspire employees to feel comfortable in bringing their whole selves to the workplace. As Sarah Simcoe says:

“#BeCompletelyYou was established in October 2015, at SEED’s annual conference. The event featured guest speakers from Mouse Disability, Kate Nash Associates, Business Disability Forum as well as our own ICT and Technology Product Groups. The event was a huge success and has led the way to a series of activities scheduled by SEED throughout 2016 as well as the #BeCompletelyYou theme being adopted as part of our Fujitsu’s D&I Week. It’s a great fit and applicable to all inclusion networks.”

As a long-term Partner of BDF, Fujitsu understands the importance of inclusive practice and the vital role it plays within the success of a business. As Sarah Simcoe says:

“The only way to affect real, long term positive change in this space is to ensure that the workplace is respectful and that all employees are heard, valued and supported. Building trust and educating our people by providing a platform to share their voice is key for any business growth.

“If we get it right for ourselves, as employers, as employees, for our suppliers and for our customers, then we will continue to increase retention and attract talent to our organisation. Personal stories, awareness events, learning and development, community sites, social media, external publications, all aimed at creating connection, are all helping to make this happen.”

The success of the SEED network is plain to see. A recent target was to increase the number of members from 220 to 450. At a 222% increase, membership now stands at 645. A second target involved increasing the number of employees with Disability & Adjustment Passport from 96 to 200. At a 55% increase, this now stands at 257 employees using the Passport service.

2016 holds plenty in store for the SEED network, continuing with the #BeCompletelyYou theme, combined with road shows as well as external collaboration with other organisation.

As Sarah Simcoe closes:

“I’m really excited about the D&I Week and taking SEED forward. I’m also looking forward to the on-going development of our network and its members. Already I have been so impressed and inspired and have no doubt that there is more to come. We also have some exciting news to share in March…so watch this space.

“Longer term I hope for SEED to lead the way in engaging across recruitment, retention and accessibility and also to engage further with our Global colleagues. The momentum within the UK and Ireland has picked up a tremendous pace, we are benefitting from the conversation being openly had around D&I. We look forward to continued progression in this space.”

Fujitsu’s D&I Week runs from 22 - 26 February.


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