Gatwick launches lanyard for passengers with hidden disabilities

24 May 2016
The optional lanyard is for disabled passengers that require additional support when travelling through the airport. It was launched at the airport as part of Dementia Awareness Week and is being supported by major charities across England, including The National Autistic Society, Alzheimer's Society, and Action on Hearing Loss. (
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Disabled people seek better outcome from council elections

23 May 2016
Of Holyrood's 129 MSPs only one, Tory Jeremy Balfour, openly identifies as disabled. It is generally accepted that around one in five of the population have a disability, so charities such as Inclusion Scotland reckon there should be more like 23 disabled MSPs (Herald Scotland).
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Why do we need to think about digital accessibility?

20 May 2016
Guest blogger Lucy Ruck from Business Disability Forum explains why tech companies may be ignoring a £1.8m a month market. (techUK)
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The financial sector is banking on diversity

19 May 2016
Glancing around information made available by the top organisations in the field indicates a more mature and complex response to the challenges that organising a diverse workforce throws up. The emphasis is clearly far more about feedback and understanding, rather than some kind of patronising quota system. (able)
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NatWest overhaul banking app to make easier for blind people to use

19 May 2016
NatWest has made significant updates to its mobile banking app so that blind and partially sighted people can use it more easily after an extensive redesign with the help of the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).
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This Lloyds Banking Group director has opened up about his battle with mental health and coming out in the workplace

18 May 2016
Jon Howcroft-Stemp reflects on the roller-coaster year he has had and how much can change in this short time. There’s a lot of work going on at Lloyds Banking Group on how the organisation supports people going through difficult times. (Business Insider UK)
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Cross-profession mental health and wellbeing body set up

17 May 2016
As part of UK mental health awareness week, the Law Society and Bar Council have announced a cross-profession taskforce to promote mental health and wellbeing in the legal community, as well as a series of other related initiatives. (LawCareers.Net)
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Seventy per cent of websites are breaking the law on accessibility - Here's how and why that needs to change

16 May 2016
Business Disability Forum has been checking the accessibility of websites since 2008 and in that time 70% of the sites reviewed were given a 'red' assessment - defined as 'significant potential commercial, PR or legal risk' - because of their lack of accessibility. (HuffPost Tech)
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Why being a disability friendly employer is good business

13 May 2016
There’s a significant business reason to pay attention to disability: there are around 5.7 million working age disabled people in the UK (about 14%) and five sixths of those acquired their disability as adults. However, among those who are in work there’s a notable lack of visible high achievers, a symptom of what the DWP once called the ‘disability glass ceiling’. (Management Today)
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EU approves the new web accessibility rules

12 May 2016
On 3 May 2016, the Netherlands presidency reached an informal deal with the European Parliament on a new directive to make public sector websites and mobile applications more accessible, especially for people with disabilities. (The Big Idea)
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