Meet the team

Business Disability Forum team members

Diane Lightfoot

Chief Executive Officer

David Goodchild

Director of Membership & Business Development

Nils Kendall

Director of Operational Support & Company Secretary

George Selvanera

Strategy & External Affairs Director

Bela Gor

Legal Director

Graeme Whippy MBE

Secondee Consultant

Kate Nash OBE

Consultant Relationship Manager

Helen Macfarlane

Principal Consultant

Ashley Teaupa

Market Insight & Research Manager

Brenda Berwise-Ebanks

Communications, Marketing & Events Manager

Samuel Buckley

Press Officer

AJ Olaofe

Marketing and Communications Officer

Anthony Allison-Burke

Creative Designer

Emily Jackson

Social policy researcher

Angela Matthews

Senior Disability Consultant

Brendan Roach

Senior Disability Consultant

Christopher Watkins

Senior Disability Consultant

Daniel Wiles

Disability Consultant

Charles Clement

Disability Consultant

Adrian Ward

Disability Consultant

Kim Whippy

Disability Consultant

Lucy Ruck

Technology Taskforce Manager

Ben Kelly

Finance Manager

Michelle Wickenden

Partner Relations Manager

Keith Harris

Member Relations Manager

Courtney Swaby

Senior Relationship Manager

Sabina Csok

Relationship Manager

Jesse Newton

Training & Events Officer

Dean Haynes

Executive Assistant to the Joint Interim CEOs

Katherine Beavis

Executive Team Assistant

Barnaby Powell

Office Manager

Marie Manser

Business Support Assistant