Angela Matthews

Senior Disability Consultant

Angela joined Business Disability Forum (BDF) in 2013. She is a Senior Disability Consultant and a strategic advisor to BDF’s Central Government Partners. Angela also leads on the Disability Standard and supports organisations to use it to structure organisation-wide disability management. She is also Chair of BDF’s Central Government Network.

Disability has been a focus for Angela throughout her career. This gives her unique insight into disability as a business issue from a variety of perspectives. Starting in nutrition and occupational therapy (specialising in older people’s mental health and physical rehabilitation), she then trained in human resources, later focussing on disability and diversity-related employee casework. She then became advisor to senior management teams and governing bodies on equality and discrimination law in practice. Eventually becoming a diversity manager in the public sector, Angela particularly enjoyed managing equality analysis procedures; establishing disability and diversity monitoring frameworks; and implementing and managing workplace adjustment processes.

At BDF, Angela’s key interests are employee relations casework; workplace productivity and employee engagement; and qualitative research to inform workplace equality work streams.

Angela is academically qualified (BA Hons, PgDip, MPhil) and graduated with distinction in equality and discrimination law at postgraduate level. She was also trained in the Equality Act 2010 by the lawyers who drafted the Act itself. She is currently doing her PhD in theology at the University of Kent (also a BDF Member) where she is researching the role of emotions and the sacred in public life and policy-making.

Angela has also enjoyed serving as a volunteer advisor at local ‘blue light’ diversity forums on hate crime related to race, religion and belief, and sexual orientation. In her spare time, she can be found in a library or at the theatre.